Family Dinner Survival Tips for Interracial Couples

Family Dinner Survival Tips for Interracial Couples

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My black American boyfriend had no trouble charming my Brazilian family the first time they met for dinner. He brought flowers for my mom and told my father he respected his daughter.

But I was a little nervous about whether they would get along throughout the rest of the night. It wasn’t just the first dinner, it was the first time they were even meeting.

At first, the conversation was a little awkward with my parent’s heavy accent and my boyfriend having to ask for clarification repeatedly.

But then the golden moment happened – the moment in which they realized they shared the same belief on minichat reviews a particular issue.

“Walyce talks too much,” my father said.

“Oh yeah, she has something to say about everything,” said my boyfriend.

They all burst out in laughter saying how accurate that statement is.

After a little pouting, I conformed. Even though they bonded at my expense, it was great to see my boyfriend become a part of my family.

But not everyone in interracial relationships has the same experience when they bring their sweetheart to family dinner table for the first time. Read More Family Dinner Survival Tips for Interracial Couples